Sabbatical Year!

We are taking a break in 2018. If you would like to know more about this decision, please read on. We’ll see you in 2019!

Dear Friends of One Acre Farm,

As the proud owners and operators of a small organic farm, we have always been conscientious about sustainability, i.e., being good stewards of our soil, water and air so our environment is healthy in the long-term. Now, having just completed our 7th CSA year, we have decided to extend this concept to our own personal sustainability by taking a break. Many of you know that in addition to running the farm, we also both work off-farm jobs and raise a toddler. It’s all very rewarding and also exhausting. So, we decided to make 2018 a sabbatical year for the farm.

Our highest hope for this year is that we will become a stronger, more loving family and will find renewed enthusiasm for our passions in life, including farming. We worked very long and very hard to make our dream of One Acre Farm come true, so it was not an easy decision to temporarily set it aside. We do plan to be back at it next year, and we look forward to sharing our sabbatical journey with you in the meantime.

What are we going to do all year?

We will continue working our other jobs and living in Morgan Hill, but the most radical part of the sabbatical is that we are not looking to fill our calendars with other commitments. Maybe some folks will think that’s just plain lazy, but in this workaholic world where everyone’s answer to “How are you?” is inevitably “Busy, busy, busy,” we are seriously attempting to slow down. Some of the things we are hoping to do more of this year are: unstructured family time, exercise, meditation, connection with friends, date nights, political activism, and community and spiritual activities.

Will the CSA come back?

Yes! We plan to restart in 2019 with refreshed minds and hearts. We will absolutely keep you posted.

Thank you so much for your support in this next phase of our journey! If you have questions or comments, we would be happy to answer and/or share ideas with you. Please stay in touch.

In Peace,

Michelle and Gal

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