What does “CSA” mean?
CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It is a way for consumers to buy directly from local farmers in an arrangement that benefits both the farmers and the consumers. In our case, CSA members purchase produce in advance for a season. It's like having a subscription for fresh produce! The members benefit from the extra bounty when our crops are successful, and the produce is always super-fresh, local (grown right in Morgan Hill), and seasonal. The farmers benefit by knowing that our crops are sold before we harvest them, thus avoiding waste. Everyone benefits by building a sense of community.

Is it really just one acre?
Yes, the farm is really just one acre. We try to use our space as intensively as possible, and after several years of farming, we still have not reached our maximum production. For now, we do not have any plans to acquire more land.

How many CSA members do you have?
We serve 20-30 households per season.

How long is the CSA season?
The full year runs from April to December. Members can choose to subscribe for the full CSA year or half a year.

Where else can we get your produce?
We sell nearly all of our produce to our members via the CSA. Occasionally, our produce is also featured at local restaurants.

Is it certified organic?
We follow organic farming practices and aim to meet or exceed organic growing guidelines. However, our produce is not certified organic. For a farm of our size, the expense and bureaucracy of maintaining certification would outweigh the benefits. We do not use any synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides on our farm, and we follow sustainable farming practices whenever possible. We hope you will get to know us and our farm and will trust us to grow your food.

How much does a membership cost?
The prices vary depending on the size of share, frequency, and whether you subscribe for a whole or half year. Prices range from $25-$30 per share. Please see our registration page for details.

How many people will the CSA share feed?
That depends on how often you cook and how much vegetables your family eats. Generally, a regular size share feeds about 3-5 people. The small share feeds about 1-3 people.

Can we choose which veggies we get?
Our CSA shares are semi-customizable. Each week we will provide a list of the produce included in your share. At the pick-up location, there will be some extras available at no additional charge. You can also choose to leave anything you don't want. [Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we will be pre-bagging each member’s share and temporarily discontinuing the extras bin to reduce the possibility of contamination.]

We highly encourage you to branch out and try new kinds of produce, and we’ll give you some recipes and tips to help along the way. If you don’t cook very often or have a lot of picky eaters to feed, then — honestly — a CSA is probably not going to be a great fit for you.

When are the pick-up times?
Pick-ups are are available from 3-8pm on Wednesdays at our farm, which is in southwest Morgan Hill (address is provided upon registration).

What if I forget to pick up my veggies?
Produce will be held until noon on Thursdays. After that time, we will donate the extras to the local food bank.

Can I put my subscription on hold while I’m out of town?

We highly encourage you to have a friend or family member pick up your CSA share while you are on vacation. People love visiting the farm and receiving the gift of fresh produce! However, you may put your subscription on hold with a minimum 1-week notice. Credit for missed weeks can be applied to the following season or year. Credit is for a maximum of 3 weeks.

Can we visit the farm?
Part of the joy of being a CSA member is that our farm becomes your farm. Members are welcome to visit and see where their food comes from. Please contact us in advance via phone or email to schedule your visit. We also host a couple farm events each year, which are great opportunities to see the farm and get to know your fellow CSA members.

If you are not a CSA member, but would like to visit, please email us to request a brief tour, and we will do our best to accommodate. We do not have the facilities or staffing to accommodate large group visits or field trips. [Sorry, we are not hosting any visitors at this time due to the COVID-19 outbreak.]

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