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The CSA is currently on sabbatical. We look forward to returning in 2019.

A CSA membership is like having a subscription for fresh produce grown on our farm. Members get a bag of seasonal veggies, fruits, and herbs on a weekly (or biweekly) basis. We grow dozens of varieties of produce throughout the CSA season, which runs from April-December. Our produce is always fresh, in-season, local, and grown without synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, or herbicides. Everything is grown right here in Morgan Hill, and most items are harvested within 24 hours of delivery. You can’t get any fresher than that!

We offer several ways to customize your CSA membership:

  • Regular or Small Size Bag: A regular bag has 8-12 items. Small bag has 5-7 items.  If you cook most days of the week and/or have 3+ people in your family, then the regular size is probably best. If you cook less frequently and/or have fewer people in your family, then the small size is probably a good fit for you.
  • Weekly or biweekly (i.e., every other week)
  • Pick-up or Delivery: Pick-up at the farm for a discounted price or get it delivered to your door (delivery available in Morgan Hill flatlands only)
  • Customize the Produce: Each week we send members a link to a produce list, which allows you to indicate if there are any items you don’t want and if there are any items you would like extra of (if available). If we don’t receive a reply from you on any given week, you simply receive the regular items without modifications.

Types of Produce: Please see the “About Us” page for a description of what is usually available in each season. Remember, you can let us know via the weekly produce list if you want extras of anything or if there’s anything you don’t want.

Eggs: We have a limited quantity of free-range eggs available on a first-come-first-served basis to our members each Wednesday at the farm.

Rates: Our rates range from $20-$29/bag depending on the options you select. Discounts are provided for pick-ups and for full-year subscriptions. Please note: we are currently accepting subscriptions for the summer season.

Full Year: April-December (36 weeks), 10% Discount! 

Size Weekly: delivery Weekly: pick-up Biweekly: delivery Biweekly: pick-up
Regular (8-12 items)  $940 $875 $470 $438
Small (5-7 items) $778 $713 $389 $357

One Season Only (12 weeks), spring (April-June), summer (July-Sept), fall (Oct-Dec)

Size Weekly: delivery Weekly: pick-up Biweekly: delivery Biweekly: pick-up
Regular (8-12 items) $348 $324 $174 $162
Small (5-7 items) $288 $264 $144 $132

Join the CSA!

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