CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It is a way for consumers to buy directly from local farmers in an arrangement that benefits both the farmers and the consumers. The produce is always super-fresh, local (grown right in Morgan Hill), and seasonal. Part of the joy of being a CSA member is that our farm becomes your farm. Members are welcome to visit and see where their food comes from.

When you join the One Acre Farm CSA you are contributing to the health and sustainability of our community by:

  • Reducing your “food miles” and therefore reducing the pollution that comes with bringing food from far away
  • Supporting farming practices that minimize environmental impacts and provide wildlife habitat, food for pollinators, storm water absorption, and more.
  • Keeping agriculture in our area and keeping your dollars stay in our local community
  • Building a sense of community. CSA members can meet each other at farm events where they can swap recipes and get to know other like-minded folks.

Some of the personal benefits to a CSA membership are:

  • Convenience – We make eating healthy easier by delivering right to your home or office every week. Recipes are included with every delivery.
  • Super Fresh and Delicious – Produce is harvested on the same day as delivery for maximum flavor.
  • Healthy – Our produce is organically grown and will never contain chemical residues. Fresher produce is higher in nutrients, and this is as fresh as it gets!
  • Good Value – Our prices are often a better deal than store-bought organic veggies.
  • Variety – We grow dozens of kinds of produce and choose varieties with superb flavor.

Is it Certified Organic?
We follow organic growing practices and meet or exceed organic growing guidelines. However, we are not a certified organic farm. For a farm of our size, the expense and bureaucracy of maintaining certification would outweigh the benefits. We do not use any synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides on our farm, and we follow sustainable farming practices whenever possible. We hope you will get to know us and our farm and will trust us to grow your food.

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